XMMS Vigor Plugin

November 1, 2003. Vigor development had stagnated. I hadn't touched the code since 2000. Most of the mental trauma incurred by writing this deranged lunacy was behind me.

Until Illiad wrote this comic. A lip-syncing paperclip. I thought to myself that I'd have to make this happen. It was almost as strong of an imperative as when I first wrote Vigor. But I had other things to do that weekend.

Then a Vigor user, Garrett Moffitt (who inspired the certification program), emailed me and mentioned the idea. Oh, dear. If the people were still thinking about Vigor, then this idea just became a Moral Mandate.

That evening, I turned out the dancing Vigor plugin. The next evening saw the dancing, nagging Vigor plugin. Over time, I hope to improve his dance steps, make the nagging more annoying, and help the graphics.

But for now, it's primitive. It's half-baked. It's half-finished. It's a quick hack done on the weekend for a laugh. It's Vigor.

This plugin is for the X Multimedia System, aka XMMS. It also requires SDL.

Download the XMMS Vigor Plugin from the SourceForge page.

If you wimp out and not don't want to install the plugin, then you can look at the movie capture. Warning: Poor quality, and about two and a half megs. Could be hazardous to sanity.