Press Coverage

I am always suprised when somebody mentions Vigor. I really didn't expect it to spread by word-of-mouth at all, let alone people write about it. Keep telling your friends, your enemies, your coworkers, everybody, about Vigor.

Particular thanks to Illiad for putting the original release announcement and multiple subsequent announcements in the User Friendly News, not to mention the original inspiration!

Vigor Review and Interview

Rado has written a review of Vigor and conducted an interview with me about Vigor. The interview also covers general topics like the free software community, Pitr, and what Sun Tzu teaches us about a certin other paperclip-using company. The full version is available at LinuxTicker, and if you speak Croatian, look in PC Chip magazine (broj 57, veljaca 2000).

Vigor Goes Mainstream!

The first mainstream-mag review of Vigor has been released! That's right, Salon, a general-interest magazine, has run a short blurb on Vigor and the chilling implications it could have on the free software movement. Or something.

Vigor App of the Week

LinuxCare's Brett Neely wrote up a short review of Vigor for his App of the Week column.

User Comments

  • You are a sick, sick person, and I admire that greatly. - Illiad, author of User Friendly
  • AUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! - Keith Bostic, author of nvi
  • I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.- Arnold Robbins, coauthor of Learning the vi Editor
  • Congratulations, Brother Piquan... how diabolically clever of you...- Eric S. Raymond
  • The entire open-source movement is, of course, a Discordian creation.- Amphigoricus the Turgid, K.S.C.
  • Why ? - Sander Nooy
  • I am laughing in an inapropropriate manner for an office building like this... - Nathanael Lierly
  • By reading this message, you have agreed to stand on your head while gargling water and proclaming "Weird Al Yankovic is Lord of the Universe!" - J.J. Ramsey
  • "I am wishink I had Unix system instead of this silly VMSstation so I too could be experiencing pain of vigo directly rather than vicariously!" - Atlant Schmidt
  • The following addresses had permanent fatal errors... - Mailer-Daemon
  • On behalf of evildoers everywhere, I thank you for your heroic efforts in bringing The Assistant to such a long-standing bastion of the opposition. You will be remembered when The Time comes. - Michael Jinks

    Author Comments

  • "I just thought I was writing a weekend hack; I had no idea what I was unleashing!" (Said after noting over 20,000 web page hits.)
  • The way I figure, after you take into account all the victims who have used it, Vigor is single-handedly responsible for immeasurable amounts of lost productivity. In this, I think I have captured the true nature of the original.
  • It's amazing how a weekend hack can take up all your free time for a month.
  • (When asked to confirm that Vigor is not a productivity app:) From its inception, Vigor has been designed to be utterly useless, not to mention a pain to use. While building the interface, I double-checked everything to ensure that I didn't accidently add a useful feature. People have suggested making Vigor useful; my reply is that it would then cease to be Vigor. I'm sure you can think of other examples of popular, yet useless, editors. Besides, I don't even use vi... Who am I to decide how to improve it?