Vigor is based on the open-source nvi program, for which I apologize to the nvi authors. The Vigor assistant was bolted on using the Tcl facility that nvi had, and a bit of my own C code to cope with Tk.

I'm improving(?) Vigor based on suggestions from the user community. Send ideas, bug reports, and patches to, and watch this page for updates. New versions have been released at a rate ranging from several each evening to once a week, depending on user comments and free time.

Vigor Development Resources

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All the normal stuff (mailing lists, CVS repository, bug tracking, etc.) is available through Many thanks to the team for providing these!

Vigor Future

It's been a long time since the last release of Vigor. One would think that I'd be willing to leave well enough alone. Well, I'm not. I sometimes have some free time, and even though it's not enough to implement fixes, I am getting ideas for future improvements. (My friends help; blame them too.)

As always, bug fixes are my highest priority, but some new features would be nice too. Some of the things I'd like to see in future versions are:

  • Improved graphics. I use XBMs in Vigor because it was the quickest drawing method to implement, and I wanted to get the first release out during the Vigor storyline on User Friendly. Now that I've got some time, I'd like to improve the graphics handler and the artwork.
  • More hooks! More confirmations, more annoying helpful hints (like the ones given when you start insert mode), more random popups, more!
  • More animations! At present, there are precisely two animations (count em!) in Vigor. This is not nearly insideous enough. Naturally, with animations, you lead into...
  • Sound effects (via Network Audio System or esound). This naturally suggests...
  • Speech (via Festival). This isn't that hard to do using Festival's server mode. (Thanks to my coworkers at HP for the idea, the deranged loonies!)
  • Microsoft Windows support. Judging by the feedback I get, people who aren't Unix devotees just don't get the point of Vigor, but strangely enough I've gotten multiple requests to port Vigor to Windows. Well, I suppose I may as well... Kinda one of those "full circle" things.

    This by no means is an exhaustive list. If people send me patches, then I'll add just about anything. These are just some of the things that I might do over the next few weeks, months, whatever.


    Vigor was rushed out in order to be released during User Friendly's Vigor storyline. It originally had several bugs, and several unimplemented features. I've been fixing bugs and adding features since the day Vigor was relelased. There are presently no outstanding Vigor bugs that I'm aware of; let me know if you find something!

    There is one remaining problem that we've only seen on two systems: Vigor, when it starts, exits with the message unknown floating-point error, errno = 84. Eivind Tagneth, who first reported this, traced it down to a bug in Tcl, and submitted a patch to the Tcl maintainers.

    Even if you're not seeing bugs, it's good to hear how much success/failure people are having on different platforms. Let me know how things work for you!

    Version 0.016 (May 2 19:36)
    Create Whizzers, specialized dialogs to help you perform specialized tasks. Presently, there are Whizzers for a few programming languages, and some common editing tasks. More should follow.
    Version 0.015 (Mar 25 15:17)
    Disable by default built-in curses, db, and re libraries. Most OS's these days have proper libraries for these, and I was seeing conflicts (particularly on SuSE under Vigor 0.014). This may break things on some other OS's, probably older ones. If so, try using --enable-curses --enable-db --enable-re on the command line.
    Version 0.014 (Feb 8 14:50)
    Remove the hack to the EULA that produced the Jumping Vigor Bug.
    Version 0.013 (Feb 5 11:53)
    Fix to it looked for Tcl on Debian systems when it was supposed to look for Tk.
    Version 0.012 (Feb 4 00:28)
    Updated EULA, made dialog box move along with assistant
    Version 0.011 (Feb 2 00:10)
    Look for libtcl8.2 etc (as opposed to libtcl82 etc); handle select() calls prior to assistant initialization
    Version 0.010 (Jan 19 23:16)
    Modified EULA, changed fractional cm screen specs to pixel counts, use libtcl82 if found, look for uint8_t etc
    Version 0.009 (Jan 18 15:11)
    Improved Tcl/Tk detection, added EULA, detect -ldl
    Version 0.008 (Jan 17 21:20)
    Added new comments, touched up comment probabilities, made sure that comments don't overlap with animations, modified to look for libtcl80.a
    Version 0.007 (Jan 17 12:25)
    Fixed make install to install vigor instead of vi
    Version 0.006 (Jan 16 12:42)
    Further touch-up of "confirm" dialog's probabilities; rename executable to vigor
    Version 0.005 (Jan 16 01:01)
    Fixed make install; write Tk error messages to stderr before vi initializes the screen
    Version 0.004 (Jan 16 00:21)
    Updated configure to match (oops!)
    Version 0.003 (Jan 15 23:45)
    Added random quotes and animations; compiled vigor.tcl into executable
    Version 0.002 (Jan 15 20:16)
    Updated graphics; touched-up "confirm" dialog
    Version 0.001 (Jan 14 01:05)
    Initial release