Vigor: Putting new limits on productivity

New: XMMS Vigor Movie

With the new XMMS Vigor plugin, I made a quick movie and put it up for download. Note: Poor quality, and about two and a half megs. XMMS Vigor

Vigor Screenshots

Screenshots from version: 0.008. Boy, I really need to put up some fresh screenshots.

Vigor runs in a normal console window: your xterm, dtterm, kterm, or whatever your favorite console system is. I also have had a Windows telnet client to a system, and a separate X server running.

Vigor editor in a terminal window Vigor assistant in a separate window

Vigor will, as it feels is necessary, confirm your operations, particularly the more dangerous ones.

Are you sure you want to move left?

It also will occasionally give you useful hints about your Vigor session, and how you may make it more productive.

Don't cry --- it won't help.

Here is a typical Vigor editing session.

A full-screen Vigor shot

Oh, yeah. Watch Vigor carefully; you may get a glimpse of some more sinister plan.

Coram's Screenshots

Coram has created some screenshots on his own; I found them on Freshmeat. Thanks, Coram!